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Welcome to AkasaMedia, Catherine Pawasarat's vehicle for delivering transformational and sustainable information services, promoting quality, meaning and a wholesome synergistic existence through dissemination of information.

AkasaMedia is currently focusing on three major projects:

Leveraging sustainable information services to promote sustainable mindstates. In order to achieve positive transformational change in the world, we humans need to relate from a place of clarity and goodwill. The world's wisdom traditions offer us many paths to this goal, and AkasaMedia focuses on skillful dissemination of teachings on transcendence from the trans-Buddhist lineage of Namgyal Rinpoche, mostly via contemporary teachings of Acariya Doug Duncan. Since 1998 Catherine's served as a founding member of Dharma Japan in Kyoto, and the Clear Sky Meditation and Study Center in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, two of the physical locations where the rubber of these dynamic teachings hits the road. This teaching emphasizes developing understanding through world travel and study of the many unique manifestations of the cosmos.

The first comprehensive English-language descriptions of the Gion Festival, one of Japan's largest and oldest festivals, and one of UNEP's first World Heritage Events. Based on years of interviews and study this project includes an English-language website, book and other media, to increase the profile of this international cultural gem and help ensure its sustainability. After 1100 years of history, this week-long festival attracts a million visitors per year, while the traditional families sponsoring the primarily-volunteer festival face modern challenges such as a transient urban population with few youth. Stay tuned for the sometimes-comic adventures involved in unraveling the festival's fascinating amalgamation of Buddhist, Shinto (Japan's indigenous animistic religion), Confucian, Taoist and Christian beliefs, myths and historical legends, together with cameos of the remarkable group of Kyotoites who sustain this ancient celebration.




An innovative educational program focused on conserving British Columbia's precious grasslands ecosystem, featuring some of the highest biodiversity in North America. This ecosystem is home to Clear Sky, as well as to more than 30% of BC's at-risk species, and is BC's most endangered ecosystem (details here). We humans rely on the health of our environment to flourish, as do our communities. And besides ... grasslands rock!


About transformational and sustainable information services:

Specialists ranging from quantum physicists to high Tibetan lamas tell us that we create our own realities through how and what we think and believe. It's only natural then that we aspire to acquire information about the world that is meaningful, realistic yet with a positive outlook, and of high quality. Writings, images and related projects by AkasaMedia aspire to improve our consensual realities by bringing more of this into the world.

"Information services" also reflects the fact that we don't read printed material like we used to. Though AkasaMedia used to be all about news articles and magazine features, like you its moving into short films, social media and other new ways of presenting information.

Your patience will be appreciated and rewarded as AkasaMedia currently morphs to conjoin Catherine's 20 years in Japan together with her new explorations in British Columbia and four months of travel a year.


Please click on the buttons at the left or below to enjoy some articles from the AkasaMedia archives, to see where whence it's come.

Comments, queries, requests? Contact AkasaMedia Thanks for your interest.

May our efforts benefit all beings!


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What is Akasa Media?

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