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I first came across the akasa in a college course on James Joyce's Ulysses: 

                     Gone with the wind. Hosts at Mullaghmast and 
                     Tara of the kinds. Miles of ears of porches.  The 
                     turbine’s words, howled and scattered to the four 
                     winds. A people sheltered within his voice.  
                     Dead noise. Akasic records of all that ever 
                     anywhere wherever was.
                                                                        (ll. 880-884)

Intrigued, I went looking to find out more. 

"Akasa" is a Sanskrit (and Bengali) term, translating literally to "sky." Funk and Wagnall's Dictionary of the English Language defines "akasa" as being "the fifth element in addition to fire, water, earth and air … the primary plastic matter, from which all things are evolved." 

The Encyclopedia of Asian Civilization reveals more about the akasa: "In Hindu philosophy, space, ether, and often emptiness (of space), the essence of the Eternal, the Uncreated." 

The reference to akasic records "is a reminder of the esoteric belief in the indestructibility of thoughts and words. On a higher plane, consciousness is in direct relations with the all but infinite memory of Nature, which is preserved with imperishable perfection in the all-embracing medium known to occult science as the Akasa (Stuart Gilbert, James Joyce's Ulysses, p. 189)." 

AkasaMedia was born from this philosophical firmament. Articles, photographs, and other editorial services consist of well-crafted words and meaningful images that are meant to last beyond a single glance or a flip of the page. I'm always striving to bring universal truths into our daily lives through text and photography, and to also reflect the sometimes mundane world of life stories and events back into a universal context. 

AkasaMedia's for people who believe in the power of words, and in the ability of a photograph to reflect the soul. 

Thanks for your interest. 

Catherine Pawasarat 


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