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As the world’s second largest consumer market, Japan and its business trends merit close scrutiny: even with the ongoing recession, clinching the Japanese market can ensure business success. AkasaMedia offers insights into Japan’s business world that can only be had by someone who speaks the language and has been involved in international business in Japan for more than a decade.

Below are just some of the business-related articles offered by AkasaMedia. Contact us to commission articles or check for printing rights in your region.

Search for Lost Luster: Not so long ago, Japanese akoya pearl producers controlled 90% of cultured pearls on the international market. Now it's a dynamic international market. What happened? And how are Japanese producers keeping from getting blown out of the water? For Look Japan magazine.

A Tint of Green: These days it seems that everyone and their brother has ISO 14001 certification. What gives? It makes good business sense to be environmentally friendly, and to flaunt the certification that proves it. For The Journal of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan. 

Pharma Town: As the trillion-dollar global pharmaceutical business picks up speed in Japan, Kansai remains at its center. For The Journal of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan. 

Secrets of Kansai: Tokyo is not Japan. Japan is not Tokyo. Fans of Kansai urge newcomers to think twice before setting up shop in the nation’s crowded capital. For The Journal of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

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What is Akasa Media?

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