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Magical things happen in Kyoto, the lovely pearl of the Orient. Those familiar with its history would not be surprised: the city was founded in the 8th century by a team of imperial geomancers, who deemed its feng shui the ideal location for an imperial capital. Its rich secrets have enticed writer and photographer Catherine Pawasarat to make this ancient city her home for her entire adult life. Articles and photos from AkasaMedia serve to share these treasures with the world.

Below are just some of the Kyoto-related articles offered by AkasaMedia. Contact us to commission articles or check for printing rights in your region.

The Wonderful World of Washi: You can wash it, wear it, dye it, weave it, write on it – it doesn’t suffice to call it simply, “handmade paper.” Washi’s colorful 1500-year history is described by Kyoto-based washi expert Yasutaka Morita, and its virtues extolled by contemporary artist Kyoko Ibe in this feature for All Nippon Airway’s inflight magazine, Wingspan.

Hints of the Heian: Just outside Kyoto, Uji City was both a playground and spiritual retreat for aristocrats in Japan’s golden Heian period, and has long supplied the country’s finest green tea to the country’s elite. Nestled in a steep, verdant valley, today it’s a lovely place to stroll among the ancient echoes of imperial intrigue, rustling silk kimono and Buddhist chants. A feature from Japan Airline’s inflight magazine, Winds.

Redefining to Rescue Kyoto: Though it’s the heart of traditional Japanese culture, Kyoto has a visual cityscape that looks like a millennia of refined arts crashed into modernity at high speed. Non-profit Mitate International tries to reconcile the past and present for a more livable, aesthetic Kyoto. For The Japan Times newspaper.


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