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We all share the desire for a life that is meaningful. Various spiritual traditions offer teachings and practices that help move us in that direction. As a student of the Buddha’s teachings and other spiritual traditions, writer and photographer Catherine Pawasarat hopes to convey the richness and liberation offered through teachings from aware and compassionate beings. 

Below are just some of the spirituality-related articles offered by AkasaMedia. Contact us to commission articles or check for printing rights in your region.

Visions of Buddhist Life: A collection of beautiful and inspired images of great Buddhist masters and practitioners, by Don Farber. As reviewed in the award-winning Kyoto Journal

Indigenous Peoples In America: Citizens By Word of Mouth. A mind-expanding interview with Navajo flautist and social commentator R. Carlos Nakai, whose music has been nominated for the first Grammy Awards for World Music. Nakai discusses personal history, sacred traditions, the myth of the Native American and the future of the planet.

Healing Society's Ills from the Roots Up: As Thailand rapidly converts from agrarian state to economic dragon, a growing number of Thai people are looking for solutions to modern society's own brand of ills. The Bangkok-based Spirit in Education Movement was founded by Right Livelihood Award winner Sivaraksa Sulak, and points to the country's traditional Buddhist roots for answers. For The Japan Times newspaper.

Dalai Lama Teaches in Tokyo on Liberation From Suffering: Peace of mind is the first step, says His Holiness; Buddhist practice is about realizing that all one's conflicts are due to afflictive emotions, so it's about eliminating these with skill. For The Japan Times newspaper.



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May our efforts benefit all beings!


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