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From the heart of Tokyo’s buzzing tech district of Akihabara to the 3G cellular technology, Japan remains at the lead of cutting-edge technology. At stake are technological revolutions, profits and cool. AkasaMedia tech articles delve into the high stakes as well as technology’s ultimate value: what services it provides to people. 

Wielding fluent spoken and written Japanese and more than a dozen years in Japan, writer Catherine Pawasarat uncovers Japan’s cutting edge. 

Below are just some of the technology-related articles offered by AkasaMedia. Contact us to commission articles or check for printing rights in your region,

Land of the Rising Sun Cells: Solar power’s no longer a pie-in-the-sky environmentalists’ dream. Once Japanese solar cell manufacturing hits critical mass, the world energy market will never look the same. Originally appeared in Japan Airlines’ Winds magazine.

Interview with Hideo Kojiima, video game designer: Tracking down the creator of runaway hit video game Metal Gear Solid for FEED e-zine led to a few surprises. Sure, Kojima explains why MGS2 is better, but he also reveals why MGS relies more on stealth than mortal combat.

Driving Clean Machines: Automobiles with fuel-cell engines actually get better mileage over time, and some models’ only emission is water. Japan Airlines’ Winds magazine wanted a closer look at the dream car of the future.


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