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Colorful street markets, pristine wilderness, the buzz and hum of modern cities and the heartwarming smile of a new friend in a strange land. Whether it's a tale of rough-and-ready adventure, tips on how to get around from someone who knows, or an exquisite landscape painted with words, AkasaMedia offers quality travel articles from around the globe. 

Since AkasaMedia's based in Japan, this country is especially well covered, but AkasaMedia offers fine photographs and writing on many other countries as well, including: Brazil, Burma, Cambodia, Canada, Ecuador (mainland and the Galapagos isles), Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Mexico (Yucatan), Peru, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey (Istanbul) and the United States. 

Writer and photographer Catherine Pawasarat isn't just a tourist with a pen. She's lived in Madrid, Kyoto, and the Brazilian Amazon, and speaks fluent Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese, plus survival French. She's comfortable talking to high-ranking government officials, locals in the outback, and everyone in between. 

On this website's travel page you'll now find articles on Japan, though other articles and a photographic gallery are being added. Please contact AkasaMedia to commission articles on Japan or any of the above countries. 

Easy Streets: Ocean breezes, smiling faces, exotic markets, and a laid-back pace make for Japanese-style relaxation on the shores of the Noto Peninsula. As seen in Tokyo's Metropolis magazine.

Yakushima Island: The land of the kami Yakushima is one of Japan's two natural World Heritage Sites, and was the inspiration for the forest in the famous Japanese anime movie Princess Mononoke. Find out why it’s won these honors, and in particular why Japan's kami (Shinto gods) may still be found here. Originally from the Amsterdam-based Japan magazine. 

The Zen of Akihabara: In the heart of the world's largest electronic extravaganza. Akihabara is Tokyo's electronics shopping district, which means there may be more voltage and cell phones per square meter here than anywhere else on earth. Prepare yourself for the wired superlatives with some sleeplessness, coffee and the Japanese equivalent of twinkies. Originally printed in FEED e-zine. 

Tokyo: The Ultimate Guide. Not only is Tokyo one of the world's biggest cities, but its urban planning was originally designed to confuse and slow down potential attackers. This excellent guide to the city and its business ins and outs reveals what to do where and when, for businesspeople who want to navigate this modern maze with panache. Originally printed in Korean Airline's Morning Calm magazine 

Back to Nature on Yakushima Island: This introduction to this rare jewel of an island tells readers exactly why Yakushima's worth going off Japan’s beaten path. From The Japan Times newspaper’s travel page.



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