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As the Chinese adage goes, “Women hold up half the sky.” Articles and photos from AkasaMedia focuses on extraordinary women and their remarkable achievements. 

Below are just some of the women-focused articles offered by AkasaMedia. Contact us to commission articles or check for printing rights in your region.

An Interview with Phoolan Devi, India’s “Bandit Queen”:  The controversial movie Bandit Queen (1994) brought the personage of former Indian MP Phoolan Devi to the world's attention – as the queen of daloit bandits and a manifestation of the fierce Hindi goddess Durga. Made before her untimely death in 2001, this interview with the legendary Devi focuses on the real woman behind the movie. 

Bridging the Gender Digital Divide:  Volunteer Group prepares women for the IT frontline. Much talk has been made of this country's e-Japan initiative, aiming to secure Japan's place as a world leader in digital technology by 2005. But if recent statistics on Japanese women's participation in information and communications technologies (ICT) are any indication, Hiroshi, Daisuke and their ilk are traveling the information highway bachelor-style. For J@panInc magazine.

Sensual Curves and Serendipitous Color: American ceramicist Tacy Apostolik is one of the few non-Japanese women to undergo the traditional Japanese apprenticeship system, which she did in the ancient ceramics center of Shigaraki. The result of her years of dedication and hard work is fine ceramic art with a nontraditional flair. For The Japan Times newspaper.



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